Dragonfly’s ethos was conceived from the ideal of a utopian environment, where the notion that one can feel safe to be, and be surrounded by an appreciation for nature. The space we aim to provide is akin to a sanctuary, a peaceful and welcoming escape. The very embodiment of free thinking, ingenuity, positivity, and a meaningful lifestyle.

Dragonfly is based upon five key themes:

A connection with ourselves, our community and our planet.

We live in a technologically developed country, yet making things sustainable is still not part of our everyday lives. 
It may seem counterintuitive, but a certain level of sophistication is needed for a business to represent the natural world in a sustainable and viable manner. 
Some of the technologies available, like our geothermal energy, have been developed with a high degree of complexity to sustainably take advantage of the incredible natural resources we so often ignore or exploit.

Dragonfly aims to maintain integrity in our commitments. 
Our hearts, minds and bodies need to be in sync to live well.

Wellbeing’ is representative of being healthy on every level of our lives. 
It is not just being free of illness, but having abundant vitality and feeling strong and resilient both in the physical and mental realms.

We all have something to learn and something to teach. 
From this understanding, we can all help others to grow to face challenges, while remaining humble and looking for new opportunities.

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